Hail Galvatron!

Who’s the better transformer!?

Megatron. All Galvatron did was whine.

boys …boys boys put your lil boy barbies up and come to the wonderful adult world …lmao or are they called “action” figures?

UNICRON. The eater of worlds.

I don’t like the adult world. It’s nasty and scary.

/me goes back into the crypt impersonating Soundwave.

Crypt? Why you dirty sneak. Get out of my house. @ SS that comment coming from you? :bigsmile:

Rodimus prime was the coolest. Fast & a Funky trailer to boot :stuck_out_tongue:

Soundwave was a pussy … all he did was play with his tapes, while lounging around the gateway all day :stuck_out_tongue:

At least he wasn’t starscream … which obviously took it up the exhaust pipe :stuck_out_tongue: