Haier's new OLED TV is harder to push over than most



Eye control is all well and good, but what Haier was really pumped about at this year’s IFA was its new 55-inch OLED set. And, granted, the set is nice and thin at four millimeters, with a 1.5 millimeter bezel. What the company was really excited about, however, was the built-in stand. Yep, it’s a four millimeter thick TV that can stand on its own, making it really difficult to push over in one direction, at least. We appreciate the sentiment, but we’ll be more excited when we can start controlling the thing with our brains.

Link: http://www.engadget.com/2013/09/05/haier-tv-stand/



Good, the little guys are stepping up with cheaper versions of the latest tech and that will just drive prices down due to competition so us regular folks can soon afford a much better looking TV.
I’ve had a few of their products before and they were OK and reasonably priced.
Wonder when they’ll come up with a 4k Oled set…