Had to flashback after probs (a year down the line)

I have an LTR40125S that I overclocked into an LTR48125W. No probs occured so I kept this configuration. I had no problems for almost a year then tonight… while trying to burn a 97min vcd (on 99min disc) the drive started spining up and down… I canceled the burn and checked the disc. I also powercycled the computer. I then tried to burn again and the same spinup/spindown kept occuring… so I shut the whole system down and then restarted…still had the same prob when I tried to burn again…

…to make a long story short (to late)…

I reflashed the drive back to an LTR40125S and now it burns fine once again…even the 99min discs.

I, for the life of me cannot understand why a simple reflash would fix this problem… Could the firmware have suddenly been corrupted in the middle of a night of burning cds???

If any of the great burning experts out there can help…do…please. :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: