Had it with BenQ 1620

So, chas0039 since you’ve gotten your new drive, is it time to change your sig so that it no longer contains

“BenQ DW1620A B7V9 (avoid this drive)(Scans) BenQ Firmware(Link)”


I have two LG drives that I use mostly because they are faster and support dvd-ram, but my BenQ 1620 still burns all my -r media: TYG02 because I can overspeed them to 12x with excellent results (one in four or five has a 99 % QS in CD Speed) and MCC03RG20 because I can underspeed to 12x, usually with 98 % QS.
If I need to verify, the BenQ is ideal because of the riplock removal trick.
I have burned hundreds of dvd’s and scanned even more without a problem with my BenQ.

BTW I would suspect software or system configuration if a drive only works after rebooting. Rebooting does nothing to the drive itself AFAIK, it only lets Windows recognize a new id-string in case you changed the firmware. I even did some firmware updates without rebooting and never had problems.

Nope, sorry. I would never recommend this model of BenQ to anyone who was not well aware of the high potential for early death.

I would not have felt well informed if I had read about this “high potential for early death” when I decided to trade my Lite-On 1633 in for a BenQ 1620. I would have missed out on many hundreds of perfect burns and an excellent scanning and reading drive.
Some people apparently have problems, others have not. How do we know this constitutes a high potential for early death? If a certain supplier in a certain part of the world has quality problems, should the whole world be warned, even if it is not applicable to their situation?
I don’t include a warning about Plextor’s 708a in my sig, though I was not happy with it even after several RMA’s. Others seem happy with it, why spoil their fun? Why should everyone be made aware of my bad luck?
Maybe I’m just lucky with this BenQ, but somehow I doubt I am the exception here. Or is there some statistical data, in stead of just a couple of complaints (some of which are probably blaming the drive for a bad system setup, media, software or improper use of the drive)?

There was a printed report of a bad chip causing early drive failures. This had nothing to do with the user. The problem was widespread and appears to be related to drives from October 2004 on. This is not “just a few drives” but it also does not apply to the vast majority of the drives sold. Newegg had a large shipment of these drives as did other US sellers. The person I spoke with at Newegg (when they informed me they were no longer accepting any RMAs on this model) said they had a huge problem with returns.

Of course there are good 1620 drives and I hope I have one this time. But this is not a matter of the user not being happy with the drive. This is total drive failure within a very short time after the drive goes into use. I still maintain that people on this forum need to be aware of the slight risk that they will get a lemon and have to pay addition cost to RMA it. It would be unethical to withhold such information when it is almost common knowledge here.

Agree on that :iagree: :iagree: :iagree:

Couldn’t said it better myself. :wink:
BTW, should it be “say”, or was it “my self”, or was it a typo…?

Thanks Pinto. BTW, I just noticed your transfer test link. It looks very well done; I can’t wait to try it out. :bow:

Bob_G, how’s this change to my sig? Better?

Agreed, although it would be nice to know how high or slight that risk is.
BTW I think your sig looks better now. :slight_smile: (If I may suggest: a link to some info about this problem and how to avoid or remedy it, if that exists, would be very helpful.)

No, not a windows problem. This is down to the BenQ. The NEC 3500 has no problem with DVDs, and a second BenQ (replacement for the first that died) has no problem… even when on the same IDE channel and set to Master or Slave.

And I agree that all manufacturers will have problems, the 1620 (which IS a great drive WHEN IT WORKS!) has some serious quality issues. A 50% failure rate for me, and that’s with barely any burning having taken place, is severe. And that’s why I can’t recommend it any longer.

I do still love my BenQ, but I can’t rely on it as once did.


I wholeheartedly agree. Fantastic drive, but poor QC.

I wish I had known about it. More information equals better informed. It’s how you weigh the evidence that counts.

That logic is similar to what lottery winners say. If they didn’t buy the ticket, they wouldn’t have won. With regards to the benq, I’d rather not play the lottery. Seems you got lucky. If you had got the two 1620s I had you wouldn’t be saying the same thing.

We may not know the exact risk. But, with all the reports of failing drives, we know the risk is there and it doesn’t seem good.

What’s wrong with information??? Let the potential buyer decide how they chose to use it. I see absolutely nothing wrong with reporting problems. Seems some would rather not deal with the problems and read only the good news. That, however, hardly ever leads to well informed decisions.

How does it spoil their fun??? Why should they care?? I have no loyalities to any consumer product. My interest is to obtain a good, but reliable product.

Choices based only on good reviews, while ignoring the bad ones are not well informed. I like to hear all the news, good and bad, evaluate it, and then make a choice. I appreciate hearing about the negative experiences as much as the cheerleader ones.

A lot of bad logic, but no information about why exactly you seem to think that all BenQ 1620’s are bad, and that the owners of good BenQs have won a lottery.
Maybe the reason I do not keep repeating my bad experiences, is that I do not think they are more important than the experiences of others.

Chas0039 I like your new sig much better, every journey begins with a step in the right direction !!!

and I totally agree with your and everyone else’s comments about being better informed (both good and bad). Isn’t that what this forum is about…

I’ve been using AnyDVD and CloneDVD2 for about a year
and both my LiteOn and BenQ drives are working fine (knock wood). :bigsmile:

Yes you do seem to demostrate that as I clearly showed. You, however, showed nothing to indicate the contrary

Once again, the faulty logic. You are buildiing strawmen. Who made that claim you imply in your post? I didn’t. It’s not about anyone’s experiences being more important; it’s about providing information, both the good and the bad. Why do you have a problem with that?

So far there have been no clues to determine which drives are bad and where they are in the pipeline. I would guess that anything made now would be good, but just a few weeks ago Newegg was shipping drives made in 2004 so there is no way to determine the probability of risk or any way to avoid it. It just has to be factored into the price. Unfortunately, the only way to determine if your drive is at fault is to wait for it to fail.

Damn… the BenQ bashing around here just never ends. Guess I’m gonna have to spend more time in Liteon forum where’s something legitimate to bitch 'bout. :smiley:

Hike on over to the Princo forum and look at their scans from their new Princo drive. Each and every scan guaranteed to reach 1,000,000. :wink:

So, is there an average time for the bad drives to fail?
I bought my 1620 from Newegg in early May, and have probably burned close to a hundred discs without a problem.

There was an entire thread here in March or April that just kept track of how long 1620s lasted before they died. I can’t find it now but it seemed to me that most of the bad drives died within a few months.

What is your date of manufacturer?