Had it with BenQ 1620

I’ve always loved my BenQ 1620s. they were great burners, when they worked. But they have both really p*ssed me off now.

The first died completely, accepting a disk, then refusing to write to it or eject it. Then refusing to read any disk inserted into it. The symptoms should be familiar to all regular readers of this forum.

So I RMA’d it, and have a replacement that is - the for time being - working well. But I’m I’m not going to waste my time caring for it. It will be nothing more than a test drive, for when I’m bored.

Now the second drive is not working either. Different symproms, but still a useless lump of semiconductors. This one will NOT read CDs it has written itself, and won’t read certain pressed DVDs. It’s slow, and produces endless read errors (you think I like having to reset to DMA every five minutes?!)

This one has been RMA’d, too, but ebuyer will just send another replacement 1620, so I’ll still have two BenQs. This replacement will make an interesting doorstop.

So, BenQ, when are you going to start testing your drives for quality and reliability?

I’m no longer recommending BenQs to my customers. I steer them well away. Instead I am recommending NECs 35xx - a lesser drive, but very reliable in my experience.

As for me, I’m giving LG a try. From what I’ve read on the forum, the 4163 is reliable, if a little slow.

Very disappointed with BenQ’s Quality Control.

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:disagree: Every manufacturer has their own quality control issues Benq isn’t the only one. Just take a look at the other forums here at Cdfreaks. I recommend Benq drives to many people. Your experience with the Benq drives doesn’t necessarily mean it will be bad for others. If you’re having to reset your drive to DMA mode then it’s a windows problem not the drive itself. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Agree with Dvd_addict!
Plextor had with the 716 similar problems, and other brands, too!
But for example i’ve 3 716’s, and they’re all workin great, till now!
Normally, i understand you, as an end consumer, i expect that everything is
workin well. But as i said a time ago, it could always happen, to pick up a bad
drive or a really good one! This is just a lucky thing :wink:

I agree that all burners have their problems, but if you go take a look at the Dell Support Forum, and search for Philips 8631, you will see that there were an abundance of drives that were bad. Out of all the optical drives dell has ever used, the benq1620 was by far their biggest headache. I do believe that it was probably just a bad batch of drives, as I’m very happy with my replacement drive that they sent (so far). I’ve only burned a few dozen on it so far.

I know you die-hard BenQ fans will tend to disagree with people who are complaining about BenQ, but I’ve had my own problems with the 1620 myself (posted in “Problem reading ANY discs on 1620 after a burn” thread in this same forum). And from what I read in other threads, there are a bunch of other people with different problems with this same drive. When you have that many people with problems with the same drive, it’s more than just “a bad drive”. It’s more of a quality and manufacturing issue. It’s easy to defend the brand when you’ve been a supporter of it for a while, but for those who are new users of the brand, the drive just may not be as good as you all say it is, at least not lately. Sometimes these users may offer a more objective opinion than the strong supporters. :wink: Maybe you did happen to buy it when the quality control was good for your batch, but it seems lately, that their batches all have some kind of problem with them.

I’m sure you can see that a lot of other people are having problems with it. I agree that every manufacturer can’t be perfect, and I’m not expecting BenQ to be perfect either, but I’d at least hope that the failure rate would be lower than what it seems. I also did not have a good experience with BenQ customer service when I tried to RMA my drive, so that makes it even more difficult for me to recommend BenQ to anyone. This drive may have more issues than BenQ realizes and they need to do more to ensure that only the good ones get put on the shelf.

solblast did you read your own thread where someone suggested you check the AUTO INSERT NOTIFICATION in DVD DECRYPTER? this has also been posted at another forum suggesting you check off the AUTO INSERT on other burning related software. try this out and report back before blaming the drive itself. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Yes, but what does that have to do with the MAIN problem I described? If you had read my thread carefully, you will see that I was not even talking about DVD Decrypter. I said the drive can’t read ANY dvd’s after a burn, even in Windows Explorer, until I reboot my system. I’ve even tried all your suggestions on the hardware config changes and it didn’t make any difference. DVD Decrypter was actually one of the apps that CAN read a disc after the drive did a burn, but that doesn’t help me much if Windows or PowerDVD can’t read it, until I reboot the system. And for the record, I’m not the only person in this whole forum that is having problems with the drive. When are YOU going to admit that this drive may actually have issues??? :slight_smile: Don’t get offended. I’m not trying to bash your BenQ. I’m just saying that the batches for this drive have been having a lot of problems lately, and it’s not just limited to one or two users. BenQ should be doing more to address the issues.

BenQ should be doing more to address the issues.

then every manufacturer should be do the same?:rolleyes: remember a forum is used mostly by people who have problems with their computer hardware. :wink:

To be fair, BenQ is doing a decent job, short of recalling the drive. I got them to pay for shipping to replace the second bad drive in a row and they agreed with me that I should only have to pay for the first RMA. If you buy a 1620 and factor in the cost of the RMA you won’t be disappointed. It is a decent drive.

I recently had the option of giving away my BenQ or my Pioneer as my brother needs an upgrade and I chose to stick with the BenQ and give away the Pioneer.

That’s fine. Hardware problems include DVD drives! :slight_smile: There’s no need to be insulting or condescending. You may have had a positive experience with BenQ, but not every has. When more than one person claims that they have never encountered the same problems before with another drive that the BenQ one has, it’s just more than coincidence that it’s a “computer hardware” problem. Is it possible that it could be a drive problem?? Even the BenQ supporters have acknowledged RMA’ing the drive with other problems. I couldn’t even do that with BenQ. Who knows, I may have just run into some serious bad luck. If you were in my place as a first time user of the brand, how much faith do YOU think you would have in a company that won’t even give the customer the benefit of the doubt and exchange for a replacement?

:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: take a look at the other forums where all manufacturers have quality control issues…looks who’s in denial :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you work for BenQ by chance? :slight_smile: Who says I was denying that the other manufacturers don’t have problems? :rolleyes: I even stated in a couple of posts earlier that I know not every manufacturer is perfect. I am just letting the people know that my own personal experience with BenQ was not as “heavenly” as you seem to try so hard to engrain in people’s heads. Why can’t you seem to accept that people do have problems with BenQ drives?

BenQ drives are pretty heavenly IMHO. They’re arguably the best “all-in-one” burner out there thanks to MCSE and the rip lock removal.

Een though I’ve had to RMA a drive after only 11 days, I liked my 1620 so much that I went out and bought another one a while ago; and I’ve had zero problems since then. They’re fantastic drives, and for me, the RMA experience was almost enjoyable compared to the others that I’ve been through: no return shipping; just dropped it off at a BenQ-approved service centre; and they shipped a new one to my house.

I even recommended it to friends, and they love it due to the riplock removal. And some will say it doesn’t burn -R well, but I can get 98 QS w/ TDK DVD-R (TTG02), and 97 QS on 8X PRODISCF01 oversped to 12X, which is not bad at all.


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We know BenQ & Plextor are “in bed” together…Hell, the new Plex is a re-badged 1640.

On their previous drives, they must have shared the same quality control department (at least based on the “RMA” posts in these forums).

I find that an odd coincidence…

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I always knew you BenQ guys were “different”.

my 3 BenQ 1620 drives burn the cleanest of any drives I’ve had (Pioneer DVR-A09XL & LG 4163 incl.) and I’d buy another BenQ in an instant. No problems, nothing. The error correction is phenomenal, burn speed is quick, and I have all the options I want.
If you’ve got a shitty drive, that’s too bad, but these things are so cheap and last so long that it’s really insane to gripe about it this much.
I’ve burned about 400 discs with one of my BenQ DW1620s, and it’s still my main burner for singles.

Might be time I joined this cult thing, eh? :smiley: Pass the KOOL AID!!! w00t!

I to have had multipal problems with my Benq 1620 and if i didn’t Love the thing so damn much I’d switch brands. I’m on my fourth (yes I said 4th) replacement of this modle in 5 months. But when it works it’sooooogreat. They seme to crap out just so suddenly…no warning problems, just one day the thing stops reading the signals or jams on the burn and won’t stop. I’ve had to use the emergency hole or even shut down my computer. Thank God for warrenties… I have to wonder if The software ‘ANYDVD’ could bethe problem? Has anyone else heard of this?