S0 Y00 W@nt 2b L33t?

A single pair of cracked underwear is equal to a three chipped pairs, but only 1/3 as good as a standard pair of underwear.

But even Quad pairs of Perfect underwear with elite attributes cannot compare to going au’ naturale :stuck_out_tongue:

What is a script kitty, and can I teach my cat to be one? :bigsmile:

This and Yes you can. :slight_smile:

Bah. Most of the “Crackers” are kids in their garages that want to try to prove themselves by making viruses and causing trouble. The real hackers are the ones that work for corporations. They go in, find weaknesses in a system, and alert the corporation before the system can be compromised.

It would be quite fun to ring up microsoft and say… erm hi, i just found a weakness in your system, and wont tell you where it is unless you give me a job :bigsmile:

“cracked” underwear???


If system=windows I think they would have lot of employees :iagree: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

They might be interested in your knowledge… or sue you :slight_smile:

Hacking is fun. It’s the only course at the university I made with a 10 (that’s an A+ in America :)). Yes I’m proud of that :).

Real hackers can write shell code. I widh I could… though that’d proove my utter nerdness… :sad:

Don’t worry Dee-Ehn, we still consider you an Uber-nerd, right up there with the likes of Liggy :stuck_out_tongue:

Mr Bevie…its script kiddies…:slight_smile: not kitties :slight_smile:

someone writes a hacking handbook…and next thing you know its on P2P…and everyone thinks they are a hacker…pfft…hardly

I dunno about that … kitties sounds like they’re a bunch of pussies … which in electronic form could literally mean that they lack the ability to backup their claims concerning their programming abilities (aka power) … rather than their physical abilities :stuck_out_tongue:

How to tell if you aren’t a hacker: Read the hitchhikers guide to Hacking :stuck_out_tongue:


The term script kitty is derived from script kiddie, thanks to the OpenBSD 2.6 t-shirt:

they will put anything on a shirt…

yes they will … including you :wink:

I dare you to find a shirt with the Satan’s bible printed on it :slight_smile:

Real hackers won’t tell anyone anything.

You have to grow up with things and learn by yourself to become a ‘hacker’.

Lol :slight_smile: