Hackers Release 'NSA Malware'

Hacking group Shadow Brokers has released malware allegedly written by the US National Security Agency (NSA)

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It also contains the hacking software the CIA hacked from the hackers of other countries. Wanna bet the CIA/NSA etc. used the stolen software from the Russians to make it look like Trump had links to them? Then the Obama administration used that deception to justify spying on Trump for over a year BEFORE his inauguration? Inquiring minds want to know these things.

That’s a stretch…they most likely already could do that already to all Presidents if they wanted and to think only Obama was the only one is very short sighted. Now I got a piece of land in Putin that I want to sell you.

Obama was certainly the first to do it in such a blatant manner. IMO, he figured Hillary had a lock on winning the election and calculated that any misdeeds he did would be buried by her after she became president. Trump winning has them all in a panic now because he has access to everything they did and is leaking it out when needed. I expect there are plenty of establishment Republicans that are just as dirty as Obama and Clinton. Trump is the wild card none of them ever expected to be president. The question is how far will Trump go towards “draining the swamp?” It seems that every move the globalists take to hurt Trump only puts him in a stronger position. Politics in the USA is far from boring these days.

The undeniable fact is that an outgoing president used the CIA and NSA to spy on an opposing presidential candidate and an incoming president and his staff. I don’t think this is common behavior and shows the desperation of the globalist controlled establishment politicians to get dirt on him at any cost. The problem for them is there was no dirt “to get” on him. All they have left is a massive paper trail proving all their illegal actions.

We banned political discussions here at MyCE three years ago guys. This thread is getting out there.

I’m shutting it down now.