Hackers may have nicked Israel's nuclear secrets

ISRAELI HACKERS, one of whom appears to have thrown himself down a stairwell while in police custody, may have gained access to computers storing information pertaining to Israel’s unacknowledged nuclear arsenal.

Full Story Can Be Read @ TheInquirer

Hack Pyoung-Yang.

Scary…the tragedies becoming of the technologically enthused…

Anyone that knows anything about Israel, much less been there knows they have nukes and have had them. The way they kicked the Syrians out of the Golan in those bunkers was incredible (i.e., military experts estimated the Israelis would need two months to get the Syrians out of those intricate underground passageways; the IDF did it in 48 HOURS). Just with that one thing as an example illustrates the Israelis won’t sit around and ‘hope for the best.’ Of course, it’s not surprising the headline was an ISRAELI hacker, since Israel has the largest per capita number of doctorate-holding professionals in the world (took one of their own to get in). :stuck_out_tongue:

Smart people throw themselves down stairwells?

:iagree: I do that all the time. :bigsmile:

That did not answer my question :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I didn’t comment on it being smart for anyone to throw himself down a stairwell, but that is a funny comment. :iagree: It said he’s in serious and unstable condition, so if he dies from the attempt and so extricates himself in that manner, then perhaps it would be smart, although most certainly a painful way to go. :stuck_out_tongue: