Hackers into Underground Movie : "Disinformation"



Hi !

I read on WiredMag that there is a movie
about Hacking, its name is “Disinformation”.

It seems very interresting.
The fact is that some guy of the “Cult of the Dead Cows” were interviewed and stuff…

I just think that it may worth a look.

Here is a little Quote from the 2pages Article :

“The 11-minute, digital video recorded title was made by Joshua Backer, a recent graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design’s Film, Animation, and Video Department. It’s the first hacker documentary to be posted at Kelly’s site, and its Enemy of the State-style animations, sped-up footage, and scenes of San Francisco’s electric bus lines are mixed with brief interviews with members of the Cult of the Dead Cow, the hacker group most famous for creating the Windows-piercing Back Orifice program”

Here are the links :

Tell me what you think about that…




If the best they could do is to interview the guys from CDC, its probably not even worth watching. Man, BO and other proggies like that can be made by any guy with a compu and a little programming knowledge.
These aren’t hackers…
I only get interested when they start interviewing guys that can access top security sites and leave no trail. The guys who do months or years of research and are able to find their own bugs in software protecting the most secure sites around, those are the REAL hackers…
Most people called hackers by the press should actually be called crackers.
I am certainly no hacker myself, but would be DAMN proud if I could do only half the stuff these guys are capable of…
To all you wannabe hackers that use leaks other people found: get a life!

Hail to the ping baby!


I think you are right,
but I also think that it is better than
doing a HollyWood-style movie full of
impossible things… (SGI rendered etc…)

But as everything in our world, it is not perfect.

What you are telling me makes me think about something :
Why don’t the guy who hack a big CPU (yahoo or anything other like that)
makes it in Online BroadCast, I mean that other people would be able to watch and to comment it…

What do you think about that ??
( I know that’s a Crazy Idea…




CDC are elite. They wrote BO in the beginning for one reason : to exploit windows security (basically, there was none).

Just because you write a tools used by script kiddies, doesn’t mean you are one.

The probably (most definatly) have broken into top security systems without leaving a trail at one time or another.

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yahoo and all that other pages werent hacked

they only send so much data thru it that it allways will go down!!!
(I don’t call that hacking I call that cracking)


I totally agree… Most stuff that goes
on on the internet is called hacking by the
press, but should be called cracking.
About CDC, i’m not sure wether they’re real
hackers, maybe i shouldn’t have said anything like that, but my opinion about BO and other tools like that remains: it’s for loosers.
The fact that they decided to make such a tool and spread it makes me wonder if they’re really elite, so that’s why i said that…

Hail to the ping baby!


You message makes me wonders,
what is a true ELiTE then ??

By the way, I got a mail from Josh,
the producer of the movie, here it is :

“Thanks for the crit! I will make the next one longer and try again to
develope the characters so that you feel like you have learned something
from them. This first attempt was difficult becuase of a serious lack
of time and money. NEXT TIME!!! We are certainly going to be making
more. Oh, If you get a chance to see a documentary by Kelly Riley
called “Mooshine.” I highly reccomend it. It is about bootleg whisky
and a bootlegger in the hills of North Carolina. It is playing in the
festival circut in the USA.”

He seems open to our point of view, that’s kool…