Hackers compromise personal data of 600,000 Domino’s Pizza customers



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Domino’s Pizza has filed a complaint, but, according to the Belgian newspaper does not want to give in to extortion.
I kinda agree with that.


This is why anonimy is essential for the internet to be safe. Even if you can trust the party storing your personal information, there’s no gaurantee that some third party (or rogue employees posing as/working with a third party) won’t be able to get ahold of such information.


The hackers must have gotten bad Pizzas one too many times.:bigsmile:


Maybe they should have asked for free pizza instead of money?


That is one hell of a lot of personal data.
After the ebay hack, I was very annoyed, they obviously gained my email address as I now have a very full spam filter every day and of course a few get through to my inbox, some of it is not nice at all.
I now wont leave my details on any site that I need to register to buy goods. lots have a one time guest type checkout that stores nothing after the transaction. (I hope)
I had a phone row with one company that insisted I had an account to buy stuff, this is obviously stupid rubbish, so I took my not inconsiderable business elsewhere.
We really need a far better secure way of using the net in all ways, I realise this may have it’s downside, but if this hacking goes on, the web will become useless.
What do you guys think, any suggestions?


the quick way of stopping this from happening, not just at Domino’s Pizza but everywhere, is by doing the one thing they dont want to do, the one thing they dont need to do and it’s to not collect the info of people every second and store it on their database, on their servers. why not take the info each day and delete that info every day as well? if that system failed or got hacked, the most a hacker could get is the info of one day. it would be a much easier and quicker task to get in touch with those people than a whole server full!!


no database, nothing to hack. The other thing that puzzles me is they have a pledge of not passing any details to any one else, so apart from sending the site users news letters etc which we can opt out of and as far as I know most do, why do they need this info.

I know some of them cheat. By adding an altered letter in the sign up and seeing if it appears in spam. It has, a telephone company said they needed my mobile number in case we were cut of testing my landline shortly after that, I started getting spam texts and calls. I vigorously complained to the phone company about this as apart from two friends and my wife who had my number it must be them. it didn’t surprise me the calls and texts slowly stopped.


I couldn’t agree more. Most computer crackers won’t be interested in going through all the work of breaking in to a corporate DB, if there’s nothing worth steeling. Richard Stallman once said [I]the only way to prevent abuse of personal information is to not collect information at all[/I] (or something to that effect).


Not a problem for me I haven’t ordered a Domino’s pizza in over 20 years.
I bet they didn’t have any information on me.
I’m sure others do .


I never thought hacking could be a way to get money. Before that, when people mentioned the word “hack”, I have an idea of getting one’s user name and password by a spy software like Aobo Keylogger http://www.remotespy.co/best-keylogger-for-mac.html which is applied for parental control or other legitimate uses and checking if kids or employees do good online. One more scene I can image is that some hackers do that to show off their skills or express their anger. However, this is the first time I heard about “hacking is for crass robbery”! It’s too radical! Also Domino should be punished since they didn’t protect customer privacy well. If they refuse to pay the ransom or take other useful measure to keep the information secure, I think customers will be very disappointed.