Hackers and programmers 'improving' the Xbox

I just posted the article Hackers and programmers ‘improving’ the Xbox ….

An interesting article on how hackers and programmers are finding ways to ‘improve’ Microsoft’s latest game-console, the Xbox:

From its cutting-edge graphics processor to the video game industry’s…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2952-Hackers-and-programmers-improving-the-Xbox-___.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2952-Hackers-and-programmers-improving-the-Xbox-___.html)

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If the Xbox is hacked only to the level where it can be used to stream mp3’s and video(divx/mpeg that reside on my computer) over the network then I will gladly buy one. I also won’t mind if the games are ripped and readily available as well.

Finding a way to get those Xbox games onto a PC is the only way we can stop Microsoft from totally destroy PC gaming.

the xbox has only been out a short time and look what has already been found out. give them a few more months and they will know nearly everything :slight_smile:

Not sure of this, but will the hacks destroy the XBOX since the games will be converted to PC, e.g, what’s the use of getting XBOX if you can play the agmes on a more powerful PC. Personally, I think it will be a flop, unless they can get great games.

“Hackers have managed to use a faster ATA-100 cable to connect the console’s hard disk and DVD drive.” wahoo! are you sure this isn’t the same guy that hacked into citibank? i mean, an ATA100 cable, where did he even get that and how did he learn how to use this? that was sarcasm. any idiot could put an 80 conductor ide cable in there. “i hate the way every one that knows about computers is labled a hacker. it’s like saying anyone who knows how to have sex is a rapist” that’s true. it happens too much here

ata100 cable? watch out, these hackers could be terrorists! they have 80 pin cables an KNOW HOW TO USE IT!. :r hehe thanx Axia, nice to hear someone read and understood my post. made my day a little brighter. :d

First time Im reading this post and I too was surprised about the ATA100… That wasnt a hack it was an upgrade… Whats next, adding/removing RAM? UGH! Anyways I like the XboX but why would you want one if you have a PC? The games are much better on PC anyway!

icefired: hehe, it was a great quote. i felt the same way but i couldn’t express it. i’m sure i’ll use it again somewhere. Hypnosis4U2NV: yeah, who the hell wants to play games at 640x480 anyways? gimme a 19" monitor and a rad8500 or gf3ti200@500 with a nice athlon.

Ok when there are only games in the future for things like the XBOX or PS2 the total computermarket wil collapse…bad economy etc. :c You don’t need a fast processor anymore and for excample operating systems sales will decrease…ETC :4 When M$ really does this then it’s going to digg it’s own grave!!! :+

Ploegercr, sadly we will always need faster processor :c - or multiprocessing: 1. Everyone programmer in work is lazy, so programs will never be efficient - just not worth the effort from amount of your wages 2. Software companies will ensure their programs will take huge chucks of memory and processing from the PC - reasons for human sake, e.g. voice recognition, hand writing recognition, etc. 3. Also new progamming upon upon languages - just look at the state of web - so many languages!!