Hacker Tronics?

Has anybody ever ordered from HACKER TRONICS.
Did they deliver and did the product what they promised you?
I want to order something from them but it costs about $900 so I really don’t want to get ripped off.

Never heard about them… only thing I can say: be careful and think twice before sending the money… 900$ is a lot of money

1st. I don’t think that hackertronics has anything to do with CD piracy

2nd. Hackertronics has got a very good reputation so i’m sure you can trust them

3rd. Is anything like hackertronics available in the Netherlands? cause they’ve got some interesting stuff…

Check out there site, its www.hackertronics.com

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  1. order it under rembours or ask his adress and pick it up there

  2. order not so much, but a few cd’s

and sorry, my englisch isn’t very well

there is a shop like hackertronics in A-dam the spy shop, i only got a phonenumber: 020 6850285
i got the adres to,
pss spy shop
postjesweg 41-47
1057 DV A-dam


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Hi, i’ve already heard about the spyshop.
But they’ve only got legal shit there, wich sucks =)