Hacker steals strike force 1.60 code

I just posted the article Hacker steals strike force 1.60 code.

For the one`s who dont know what Strike force is its a Counter Stike like mod for unreal tournament.

I wanted to let the entire community know that we had a person outside the team hack our ftp…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/1841-Hacker-steals-strike-force-1_60-code.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/1841-Hacker-steals-strike-force-1_60-code.html)

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ow noooo:) I guess some nerds are going to wait a bit longer on theire game or whatever it is :4

Whats the point of doing this?

Ita a long awaited mod and people goes nuts while waiting over it… But what the hacker his meaning is maby to let it loose before the official release date(31 may)who knows…

Just what the fuck is StrikeForce 1.60. :g

I went to the link above and this is what it said: Strike Force is an ambitious project that hosts numerous improvements and features, including new player models, weapons, game types, a whole new gaming dimension and even Roger Wilco (VoiceCom). So buckle up and check out what’s in and what’s out ! Please bear in mind that this list is not a final one -but only what we want to see in the game- and that there is always room for changes, improvement and suggestions ! So don’t hesitate to give us your thoughts on what we have so far. _____ This is for the game Unreal Tournament

Like DJ said… What’s the point??