Hacker site posted 20 variations of decss online



I just posted the article Hacker site posted 20 variations of decss online.

Another chapter in the decss story…

While the Motion Picture Association of America is in a full progress lawsuit with the hackers site 2600 over the Decss code that they posted on there…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/1754-Hacker-site-posted-20-variations-of-decss-online.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/1754-Hacker-site-posted-20-variations-of-decss-online.html)

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Is phreakstore down or doesn’t exists anymore?


hehehe I Like this dude :slight_smile:


I am the owner of FuckMPAA, Terrorist Supply and the rest of the network. We had a “small” issue (well, actually, it was a big one) with our network last night, and our server went offline for a few hours. Problem has been fixed, and should not re-occur. Glad you all liked the site(s) Thanks, Keith Kimmel President & Webmaster The Synergy Global Networks Network Operations Center “The Synergy Global Networks: Because It’s Not Too Late To Give Freedom a Chance!”


i’m glad there are still dreamers like you out there cause freedom hasn’t had a chance for AGES. Goverment has been spying and suppressing info for years! Freedom’s like one of those things that grandparents talk to their grandkids about, a thing of the past…


I understand the software stuff, but that terroristsupply.com stuff is SICK. Terrorists kill innocent people. I am not happy about the fact that cdfreaks endorse that kind of behaviour.


WOW… Im never gonna use any of that stuff but its cool to look at it…