Hacker attacks slated for the 6th of July

I got these links from an email from my webhost’s super user regarding a 6 hour 6k hacked website hacker challenge.

Story #1 Story #2

How many bets RIAA will go down first? :bigsmile:

:bigsmile: :bigsmile: /gs.

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How many bets RIAA will go down first? :bigsmile:

OMFG they deserve it if it happens to them. Did you guys read this? An excerpt:

An RIAA-drafted amendment according to a draft obtained by Wired News would immunize all copyright holders – including the movie and e-book industry – for any data losses caused by their hacking efforts or other computer intrusions “that are reasonably intended to impede or prevent” electronic piracy.

Disclaimer: I do not condone the actions of those hackers in any way - but if shit rains on RIAA, I won’t be losing any sleep or splitting any hairs.

of course, the stories also stated that the prize in the contest was webspace, which any hack could find on his own :wink:


More defacements that have leet speak on them

Haven’t noticed a thing…