Hacked Vs Original Firmware eg. 1.10

Can anyone pls tell me which one gives a better write quality, the hacked firmware or the Official? @ any speed…any proof?

I am not interested in stuffing my drive with the hacked version, if I only just get RPC1 or even 8x on 4x rated media (if my concerns below is not addressed) ie Writing at higher speeds cause more defective/ageing errors?

Eg. If one would use cheap media such as Princo (4X) to write at 6x would it show more errors with Kprobe etc? Than it would be written @ 2x or 4x???

Likewise with Verbatims (4x), I believe that writing at a higher speed will cause more c1/c2 errors everywhere not only in the eod. Anyone can confirm this?

Prove that my concerns are wrong. Pls


Writing quality is the same for both firmwares as long as same writespeed is used.

Yes most discs will have more PI/PO errors when written at higher speeds.

I’ve tried a few Princo discs and they have large amounts of errors at 6x - but less errors at 8x (except for at the end of the disc where there will be many errors at 8x speed).

Here is an example of a princo discs written at 8x, as you could see there is a lot errors at the part that is written at 6x.

Thanks OC freak .

WOE that is worst than what I am getting as far as I can remember…1.10 hacked version, I have since reverted back to 1.10 Original, since I do not need RPC1 etc.

Verbatim -RW is also not very good around the 160 mark constant PO and 60 or so Pi.

Tell me OC/Freak did u ever try any Princos with the NEC 2500? Cause If NEC are better in write quality it should be able to write Princo’s or cheaper media better as well. Media compatibility is very much linked to Writing Quality.

And do u know anything about the grading system that is given for Princo DVD-r etc. I bought “A” grade marked Princos…Is it really A grade? Does A- or B++ still qualify as A Grade…I am really confused…or is this another market gimmic.

Well from now on I will just write data @ 2x or even 1X, stuff this 8x dvd burners…I believe it is really very misleading for companies to advertised that it can write at 8x with 4 x or more errors as writing in 2x…

Any thoughts appreciated.


just curious what you mean by “misleading”. I thought pioneer only guarantee 8x writing on 8x certified media .