Hacked FW for Aopen DUW 1608?


It makes the 1608 to write DVD-R @16x and DL @4x. But I never heard of the author “Lassie” (is it the dog?) and don´t have an 1608 to test.

Here´s the news in german:

Very interesting! Anyone with an Aopen that can test this?

It looks like the firmware program will cross-flash the AOpen DUW1608 to the AOpen DUW1616

But somebody needs to try it out though.

:cop: Be aware that this will void the guarantee. :cop:

Interesting, if this is the case then it seems that I was incorrect regarding the chipset for the DUW1616/ARR

It must be the model afterwards…

I will try it tonight with my MICROADVANTAGE 1608/same as AOPEN.

Any last words before I do this, like stop, it’s the wrong FW.
I really need a 16x hack for ty02 +R.

Does AOpen provide a way to backup your current firmware, so you can flash back in case of problems?

Yep! Bin flash works fine. I have crossed flashed between aopen and micro software and so has TCAS. I guess I will dump and then flash and see what happens with my memorex 4x-r media. I really need something for max002 and ty002 +8XR to burn at 16x. :cool:

Just flashed now, no problems.

Will do some write tests ASAP.

Put in a TYG03 as a first disc and clicked create data disc in Nero Cd-Speed. Writing at 4x only :frowning:

More to follow.

Not fake.

Writing MCC03RG20 16x DVD-R @ 16x now.

Seems like TYG03 is not supported :frowning: only 4x write descriptor in DVD Identifier.

WOW! Hey freak, what does your ty02 and max002 +8XR show as?

Not tried those media yet - but I don’t expect many (if any) media overspeeds with this drive

Not the fastest drive around, problem is that it uses over 30 seconds to calibrate before starting to write.

Time for some K-probe action…

Well - I’ll let the numbers speak for themself.

YUDEN000T02 = 12x writing speed. Couldn’t find my Maxell spindle…

Same as the 080 FW! I think I will stay put since I do not have -R media.


I had nothing to do so I flashed my aopen 1608 to this firmware now I have a 1616,but does anyone know the difference is,the site I got the flash from was the german site so I have no clue what it says.I went to aopen and looked for the aopen 1616arr,but it says know such model.

I’m doing reaearch to buy my first DVD burner and I’ve been taking a look at AOpen burners. I’m still undecided but anyway here’s a link for the AOpen DUW1616/ARR in question.


:smiley: Thanks Clark Kent,I hope you find your self a good burner,i just bought a lite on 1673s so far it seems pretty good.I did not like the aopen 1608 to much,I found it didnt like a lot of media,still not sure which ones it does like,as for the hack I am still not sure there is much difference between the 1608 and the 1616.

My own experience with using DVD Identifier shows that it never show the max over sppeed the the drive capable of burning with Mod F/W. Using Nero Speed/Dic Info is better way to find out.

TYG03 at 4x only? :Z