Hacked Firmware



I was just wondering if there any firmware upgrades hacked or not that allow you to burn dvd to 2064 Bytes per sector, this is probably not possible with legal firmware, is there anywhere i could even find out how to program firmware?

Thank You


You can try this site out.


It seems no one has made it, I would like to, but have no idea how to program the firmware, i want to burn DPP data and such.


try this site , if they dont even have it then there is none at the time. You have to be like a pro inorder to create these “HACKED” firmwares


1a/ Huh?
1b/ Why?

2/ You still need software support. And if you’re resourceful enough to hack up your own software support, you oughta be resourceful enough to tinker with the firmware yourself.

3/ You do realize that firmwares vary wildly from manufacturer to manufacturer, don’t you? Aside from the fact that different chipsets and different hardware componenets accept different commands and use different data structures, you have to contend with the fact that they use different CPUs and thus different instruction sets. Oh, and different authors of firmwares will have different approaches to doing things.

4/ As for babychar2002’s suggestion, don’t waste TDB’s time with this. I’ll gaurantee you that they’ll say no. Unless you can provide a very compelling reason for doing this (i.e., how will this benefit the masses?), nobody will invest their time to do this.