Hacked firmware PX-708A



Is there a hacked firmware that disables the 2x DVD ripping speed and that makes it region free??


You don’t need a firmware hack to disable the 2X ripping limit. With the tray empty (and closed), hold the eject button on the drive in for several seconds, the LED will flash (green) 3 times. Release the button, the tray will open. The rip speed limit is now disabled until the drive is powered down.

This info is in the manual. (At least, it is in the manual for the drives sold in the US.)


Allright then the only thing I need is a hacked firmware for the region free part. Anyone?


Here is the site to BUY what you want:


You know people work hard to develop something and it is not right for anyone to steal their earnings by downloading hacked software.



Hacked firmware and hacked software are not really the same? This thread is questionable so I will close it for now. I don’t think Plextor will appreciate it when someone installs a hacked firmware in their drive(s). Contact me via PM if you disagree.