Hacked firmware for liteon XJ-HD166S dvd-drive?

does anyone know where i can find a hacked firmware for my liteon XJ-HD166S dvd-drive? THankz :bow:


Many Thankz for the useful like.
Can you the me if there is firmware(hacked) for a sony CRX230A? thankz

Hey code65536,

I have downloaded the patch and read the doc. within. There is a problem the i dont get. Under “Changes between this and the official firmware” it said that my Liteon XJ-HD166S is reading at 8x with out the patch, but the box which i bought my dvd drive in said that it reads at 16x. I wanta know which is true, it can read ay 16x with out the patch like the box saids or do u need the patch inorder for it to read at 16x?

16x is the maximum possible speed for a pressed, single layer DVD-ROM.

Other types of discs may be read back at slower speeds.

Note that it says that the faster speeds apply to R and RW media only. Single-layer pressed media will always be 16x. The hack affects only recordable/rewritable reading speeds. This is the extent of hacking that is done for DVD-ROM drives–increasing reading speed (because there really isn’t much more that can be hacked…).

The Sony drive you mentioned is a CD-recorder. There does not exist any hacked firmwares for CD-recorders (because there is nothing to hack… speeds are already at their physical limits, there are no limitations of the drive to remove, etc.).

Is there a firmware or something that can just disable the liteon XJ-HD166S’s
DVD-Video riplock?

Get the hacked firmwares that I pointed out. There doesn’t exist one that only gets rid of the riplock. If you don’t want the increased recordable speeds, you can get the 12x version, as a 8x->12x increase is fairly tame.

I think you got me wrong, my Liteon XJ-HD166S DVD-Rom Drive is only a reading Drive not a writeable drive. so will the firmware still works?

When I said recordable speeds, I meant the reading speeds of recordable media.

What about the DVD that you bought from stores (exmp. Freaky Friday, Catch That Kid, etc.) Can those dvd be read at 16x using that firmware or the 12x firmware?

All DVDs bought in stores are pressed and will not be affected. Recordable speeds apply to discs that you produce with a DVD burner. Commercial discs bought in stores will either be pressed DVD5 (16x read) or pressed DVD9 (8x read)… once again, neither of which are affected by the recordable speed hacks.