Hacked bios for Pioneer DVR-A08XL

Can anyone tell me where can I download the hacked bios for this drive and be able to burn 8X media at 16X. Thank you.

You can get the firmware here
You will need to use DVRUpdate or DVRFlash2 to flash with these firmwares.

I prefer dvrupdate as it’s easier to use (IMO)

Remember to pick the correct one for your drive (XL)

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Try out the Pioneer forum here

I downloaded everyting but it seems that I trashed my drive. It won’t write nor rip. The computer freezes everytime I try to use the drive. Can anyone help me?

I did something wrong the first time, now I reflashed correctly and everything is working fine. However I see no diference between the two bios. Both burned a complete dvd movie at about 6:56 on memorex 8X media. I previously owened a 8X drive and it took about 8:00 to burn the same movie so theres no important diference. I don’t know if this works with certain media so if somebody knows please let me know.

there’s a DVR-108XL v1.18 RPC-1 + 12x Rip nx4all here


try this one

Thank you. You have been very kind.

That one will give you the choice of 16x write speed