Hacked 451s->851s-getting 8x burning with nero

Using Nero Express OEM version this version is the one with dvd burning included. I used LTNFLASH on a Liteon 851s firmware downloaded from Liteon’s website, then flashed my drive. It shows up as an LDW851s in device manager/nero/etc. but my maximum burn speed is still only 4x under Nero. Is there a fix for this? Thanks!

Use 8x media or use the omnipatcher to change the allowed write speed for that media.

thanks Dave- you just introduced me to Omnipatcher and it is Omni-potent (and possibly omniscient as well) appreciate the help!

I checked all the different Ritek -R blanks and checked all the checkboxes for each one, up to 8x, and Nero still doesnt allow me to burn faster than 4x… did I do something wrong or are my particular blanks (RiDATA from Newegg) not supported in omnipatcher? thanks!

No, you didn’t do anything wrong.

The LDW-851S cannot burn DVD-R at 8x, it is a 4x max DVD-R burner. The only media that it can burn at 8x is DVD+R media.

I am such a smeg-head! That should have been as obvious as the egg on my face- but alas. So since I have now figured out how to burn at 8x (buy some +R disks) can I ask you if the compatibility of +R is as good on most DVD players as the -R disks? I just stuck with what I knew would work so far… the -R ritek blanks have been good to me, but us speed freaks want everything to be faster!!! thanks again. Robbie

Compatibility should be fine. I haven’t yet run into a problem playing DVD+R discs on any player except for an XBox. You can set the booktype of the disc to DVD-ROM to make the DVD+R/RW discs more compatible.