Hack-proof DVD drive for Xbox 360 arrives

I just posted the article Hack-proof DVD drive for Xbox 360 arrives.

Womble used our news submit to tell us about some interesting news, that he spotted over at the
ever inquisitive Inquirer. According to
their latest sleuthing, Microsoft has supposedly come…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/12454-Hack-proof-DVD-drive-for-Xbox-360-arrives.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/12454-Hack-proof-DVD-drive-for-Xbox-360-arrives.html)

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i know that from my own experience resin makes it EXTREMELY difficult to get to the elctronics below it. Seems to be an effective measure to me, but i hope someone finds a way around it.

This was posted a few days ago over at Xbox-scene and they have already talked about all the ways to get around what MS did, this is only going to slow it down for a few days, but should have solution for this new drive setup.

some products could get rid off this resine in a few hours…

Just wish they focused on the virus and spyware problems for the PC rather than the so-called piracy efforts for the Xbox 360. So what if someone spends $200 backing up their entire Xbox 360 DVD collection? If they want to spend that much money making doubles of their collection, go for it. It’s not effecting M$ in any way (no matter what they say)! Most people don’t even know how to mod their Xbox’s, so why focus on the few? Why not go for what’s really important? Viruses, Spyware, malware!

I just wish they said the hell with the consumers and stopped selling and stopped supporting the 360.

don’t think it will take too long for them to get past this.

Would a weak acid not get rid of it?

Microsoft is too busy ripping off customers with their questionable hardware in their Xbox’s to worry about real problems. You have a VERY valid point. Recently my dvd drive would not read discs. Three months out of warranty, the only thing they’ll do to remedy their hardware malfunction is charge me $99 to fix it if I order online(119.99 over the phone…) Thus, since it was out of warranty, I simply broke it down and cleaned it…and BAM no more problem. Microsoft is too busy ripping off their customers to worry about their actual problems…piracy is the least of their concerns, considering their hardware doesn’t last two years without service…I have had my playstation 2 for 6 years and its only needed cleaning once. DON’T TRUST MICROSOFT!!!

wow, their worried about people pirating their software when their systems don’t last much more than a year…amazing…couldn’t you just switch out to an older dvd drive you buy off ebay and use the old flashing software and still be able to copy their software??? eh who cares, if you own an xbox, it will be unusable in about 15 months from the time you bought it anyway so where are they losing this money at?? they sure as hell don’t fix their hardware problems. and they thought they could compete with sony…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA my ps2 outlasted my 360 elite…thats a $200 5 year old system murdering a $450 15 month system…I for one will never purchase a next gen system from Microsoft again since they don’t know how to make one anyway. Would have been worth the extra $50 and 4 months to get the PS3…