Hack lvw-5007 to use hd?


I have an lvw-5007 that looked like it was working fine with some 16x Verbatim DVD+Rs where I could record multiple sessions and choose between them. Now, when I load the same disc, I get a different error message every time after waiting for awhile(e.g. “invalid disc”). Not only that, but finalized DVDs that I have successfully played are no longer playable. The only sign of this thing working is that it plays commercial DVDs. I hadn’t considered playing with the firmware, because I feel it won’t really yield much results. So I’m thinking of bypassing the drive altogether and trying to install a hard drive into it so I can still make use of the awesome encoder that comes with it.

has anyone done this or can someone suggest any alternative solutions? It seems that installing a hard drive in lieu of the DVD wouldn’t be much of a problem, but I’m wondering how to go about dealing with the firmware and if the recorder will actually look for a DVD drive and distinguish between the media that it’s recording to. Thanks.