Hack for DVD Copy LG RH7521W

Hi all,

I have a LG RH7521W HDD\DVD Recorder. I successfully changed the Region to Region Free using the hack I found on this site.

Is there a hack so that I can backup\copy\record DVD’s that a copy protected. I know that I can buy a code scrambler, but would like to know the alternative method “HACK”


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hey Jeb,

I’m just wondering if you can tell me where you got the the guide to hack the region coding on the LG unit? or how to do it.

I recently purchased one of these units and want to remove the stupid codeing?



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I also have recently purchased an LG RH7521w and have the same question as to the removal of the macrovision any help would be apreciated.

Well when I want to record macrovsion VHS I just use RF and I get no macrovision. I need to know if theres a hack for recording NTSC VHS. I recently bought a LG DVD Player with Divx aswell as this one, and I switched that over to NTSC mode via a hack. Can it be done on LG RH7521W?