Hack can upgrade XP Home to XP Pro Lite




German computer magazine C’T claims that by changing only 2 bytes from the file setupreg.hiv in Windows’s XP Home kit, users can get access to certain functions only avalaible in Windows XP Professional, such as Remote Desktop, User management and enhanced security features.

C’T writes in its latest print issue (in German only) that you need to copy the root directory and the i386 directory of the WindowsXP CD to your harddisk, extract the Bootsector of your WindowsXP CD and change only 2 bytes in i386\Setupreg.hiv by using Regedit. In fact all you have to do is edit the binary key “default” and change “01” to “00” and “02” to “00” in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Homekey\ControlSet001\Services\setupdd, C’T claims.


But I read somewhere don’t be surprised when you can’t update anymore. :eek:
Don’t know it to be fact but I don’t put anything past MS!!


I think integrating SP2 is easy, there are many guides that break it down to a very basic level. All you need is a burner and a blank cd.

I doubt MS will do anything about it anytime soon, but yea, maybe eventually.