Habbo hotel

Hey, can anyone tell me how to get in direct contact from someone at habbo hotel? This ridiculous site has had my little sister spend her money on it, and now someone (apparently one of her ex-friends) has stolen her “furni” I have had a look around the web page but couldnt find any way of getting in contact with them, apart from sending in some crappy parent form, which they wouldnt email you back from anyway. Oh and by the way i am talking about the co.uk site.

Any help would be much appreciated


ps. sorry that this is in the general software forum, as i wasnt sure where to put it. Mods feel free to move the thread

LOL, jesus man. I tried that thing about 2 years ago, but then i realised everyone on there is like 13 lol. You could try creating a membership for yourself, and then going and speaking to a ‘chief habbo’ or something like that, type person on there. I think they are basicly moderators for habbo. If I were you I would get your sister off that site, its a waste of money. I used to chat, then I realised that its far too absorbing to the point that it can be addictive. Just my 2 cents, good luck with getting her ‘furni’ back.

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