H66N or H62N

I’m going to buy a new SATA burner, but I don’t know the differences beetween H66N and H62N ?

Has someone got any informations about H66N ?

Seems it has Securdisc, so maybe its the same as H62N, but with Securdisc.

The H62N is nice but I seriously think LG has forgotten about this drive as there is no still no new firmware for it.

For the last couple of years LG has not done a good job of providing firmware updates for their drives. Instead, they just release a new model. I think they make decent drives but do not commit themselves to them in any way. I have a few LG’s including the GSA-H62N… Great DVD burner… Horrible CD-R burner… I don’t expect it to be fixed, but perhaps the 66N is improved.

SecureDisc is a waste in my opinion…

is it sure that H66 is a renesas based drive like H62 or is it a panasonic chip based drive like H55?
is there anyone who can confirm this?:confused:

LG usually releases drive series numbers in like chipsets…

H1x, H4x, H6x have been Renesas
H2x, H3x, H5x have been Panasonic

Sorry, im not sure, because i found on a site some specs of the drive:

DVD-R/-RW-/ROM (SL/DL): 16x/12x max
DVD-Video (CSS) : 8x max. (Single/Dual Layer)
DVD+R/+RW: 16x/12x max
DVD-R : 2x, 4x CLV, 8x ZCLV, 12x PCAV, 16x CAV
CD-R: 16x CLV, 24x ZCLV, 40x, 48x CAV

I think Renesas Reads DVDRW at 13x, and DVD-Video at 4,8x, and burns 40x CD-R in ZCLV Mode.

I remember that Renesas don´t offer 12x DVD-R

But it burns 48x Z-CLV

wow i did not even know about a H66N/L model being out :doh:

I thought these nice new reading/writing SATA drives would keep the install/burning questions down :disagree: guess not :rolleyes:

I have had nothing but good luck with them :smiley: (SATA H62L and a PATA H42N) I also have 3 SATA Samsungs :slight_smile:

I’d say it’s surely a Renesas based drive (probably H62+SecurDisc), since the quality scan of a cd-r burned at high speed produces C2 errors :frowning:
Also, it seems there is no 12x option for DVD-R. The specifications on web sites are often wrong and misleading.

Indeed I have no 12x option for the -R Verbatim and Sony media using the 62L drive. Firmware issues like this make this drive less attractive IMO. Still burns better than my new Samsung 203B though!