H55L wont read cod4

Hi all, new at this forums.

Recently i sended to install windows again, so all my programs were erased, and just basic stuff was installed.

I allready installed fear 2(original), prototype(not original), farcry 2(original) but when i place on my H55L dvd driver the dvd of Call of Duty 4(original) it “tries” to read it but no pop up installer comes up, so i go check the DVD drive, click on explore and it tells me its empty.

I got 1.2 cod4 and 1.7 cod4(both original) and it wont read none.

So i was researching and most people said it must be firmware but i allready installed 1.06(thw newest one) and it still has the same problem.

My dvd H55L can read all formats, dvd, cds, doesnt matter if its original or not, but for cod4 it just wont read it.

Any suggestion? Thanks!