H44N dvd writer

hi guys

i bought a new dvd writer 2day…i.e…lg h44n…wen i m writing dvds in it
it is taking 23min 2 write 1dvd…4.7 gb dvd at 16x speed…using nero 7
could ny1 pls tell me wat shd i do to reduce the time of writing…pls

In english, please?!?

Welcome to CDFreaks!!

Plz mention which DVD burning process were u performing?? From what little u have posted usually long write times are associated with DMA being off. But for any help that u need make sure that everything u post is in plain English. And more importantly describe what brand of DVDs u r using and all the details.

u rite like ur bein chrgd by the ltr
pls repost in std englh 4 answrs

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(Yech, fake l33t-talk doesn’t suit me at all :wink: )