H42n / RL00


This is my first post here.
I’m from Brazil and I bought a DVD write mod. GSA H42N but I need to record in bitsetting booktype and for while it’s impossible.

I’m trying to set on Nero 6.6 same I use my another drive 4167B from LG either. 4167B works perfectly.

Also I try to found out on LG site but doesn’t exist anything there.
How I get this ? It’s really weird. Before I install this drive, I had a 4040B at the same place.

thank you for your reply.

Did you try using ImgBurn’s booktyping utility?

I’ve tried on Nero Express / Copy Entire DVD.
Then, go on Options but don’t show me the box to change the bitsetting mode.

hey, it works now.

I change the bisetting mode on Cd DVD Speedy Utility, Extras Menu.

I don’t understand, but it works. On my another driver 4167B writer, I have to change this settings on Copy Entire Disc, Options.

I really apreciate forum helps.