H42N or H50N or H54N

Which should be the best out of those?

Thanks in advance


I have H42L (H42N + LightScribe) and it’s very good (excellent with TDK 003 at 8x).
If you can live with 16x CD-Burning and 10x SL DVD ripping and 4.5x DL DVD ripping than I would say to go for H42N. Also, H42N/L doesn’t write DVD-R at 12x (Renesas chipset)

H50N or H54N are drives that I don’t know.

What are your criteria?

Personally, I like the Renesas-based H42N the best of these three. It is a good and fast DVD writer, and an excellent DVD reader.

H55N is pretty good too, as long as you stay away from 20x DVD speeds.