H42N@H44N Results

Just to see if makes some difference in burning quality in good media.
H42N crossflashed to H44N RB01 using MCSE.

1st test - MCC03RG20 ( Verbatim -MIT ) at 18x

Burn time: good
Quality: worse than RJ11 in the same batch of MCC03RG20 :frowning:
Perfectly readable. :bigsmile:

Get that frown off your face :rolleyes: 18.35X burn in 4:56 mins. That’s a great burn not good for that speed :clap:

I haven’t flashed mine yet but i will in a few days to give it a try :wink:

Burns with RJ11 are 1-2 seconds faster. :bigsmile:

I take your word for it. 1-2 sec. :rolleyes: :bigsmile:

2nd test Sony16D1 ( Sony 16x MIT ) burned at 18x.

Burn time: very good
Quality: good ( but I hate that mountain effect :a )
Other perfectly readable media. :slight_smile:

Lets see a really bad media.

RitekR04 ( Ridata 16x ) - I select 12x but the drive choose 6x :a
Quality: Very good but still 6x :a
Burn time: normal to 6x CLV


Does the h44n or l still have the same problems with cd-r’s @ 24x and faster burning speeds?

CD-R CMC Magnetics burned at 48x.

A single glitch near the end. I repeated the TRT in the same drive and again the glitch near the end.

RICOHJPND01 burned at 8x

Quality: Average
Burn time: good
Readable but not perfect. :sad:

If you don’t have another scanning drive, but only access to the LiteOn DVD burner, you might try scanning CDs at 4x CLV (if you have time) :bigsmile:

Benq 16x +R (SonyD21 :confused: I expected DaxonAZ3 ) burned at 18x

Note: An odd buffer underrun at the end of the burn.

Quality: Awesome
Speed: good

So what’s the general consensus? H42N firmware or H44N firmware FTW?

I need more media testing with RB01 firmware to compare with RJ11 and RL01.
Any posts of tests with medias that I don’t have are welcome. :bigsmile:

Don’t think you’ve posted any Taiyo Yuden 16X-R yet, zhadoom.
This is from Rima.com 100 pc. White Hub-printable TYG03
Burned@18X on Nero; Burn Time-5:01

There’s no source of “real” Taiyo Yuden in Brazil. The only good medias that I can buy are Verbatim ( MCC ), Sony ( SonyD21, 16D1 and rarely 8x YudenT02 ).

The best results I’ve had on the 42N are from Verbatim 16X-R MCC03RG20 for 18X burning. Looks like you’ve access to those anyhow.

Verbatim 16X+R MCC 004 @ 18X (5:07)
50 pc Cake Box from Rima.com White Hub-printable
I’m starting to like this RB01 :bigsmile:

MCC medias rules. :bigsmile: :clap:

Another Benq 16x +R ( SonyD21 ) burned at 18x.

This time no buffer underrun. :slight_smile:

Quality:Very Good
Burn Time: Very good

Seems that this media limit is about 16x to obtain maximum burn quality.

I guess the Liteon is the only drive that will scan these LG discs correctly, I am having no luck with my BenQs or anyother drives scanning them.:confused: