H42N and Vista blue screen at boot up



Hello all.

I am using an H42N on an ASUS P5BDeluxe mobo.

I had a Lite-ON burner before and had no problems. I didn’t change anything in the BIOS after switching recorder.

Now, at boot-up, the system hangs and goes blue screened. Disconnecting the burner everything is ok.

Also, putting on the old recorder gives no problem.

I also tried to reinstall Vista (home premium) without success.

Unfortunately the blue screen does not remain visible (the Pc immediately restarts) so i cannot give more details.

Any hint on that ?


Is the burner located at the same controller ( cable ) of hard disk ? if positive verify the jumpers ( configuration ) of the burner ( master / slave ).


No, I jave two S-Ata hard discs. The DVD recorder is alone on the single IDE channel of the motherboard.



Make sure your jumper setting is correct on the h42n drive and use a 80 wire ide cable.


Thats a weird problem. Since your older burner works OK with the rest of the system we can eliminate the hardware itself.

Are the H42N configurated ( master /slave ) identical to the old Liteon ?