H2cdimage from USB drive

I’m going to recover a few CD’s, they have already passed by all the internal drives and now I’m going to plug some old drives through USB and refine the ISO image.
The problem I got when plugged the DVD drive is that it got the same drive SCSI address than another of my drives, it works apparently normal but the internal gets preference on h2cdimage, it’s 0:0:0, in Cable Select, or Master. When on Slave it doesn’t get detected. Is it possible to use drive from USB in h2cdimage?

edit: they are IDE drives connected through an IDE-USB converter.

On my other OS partition the drives are as 2:0:0 and 2:1:0, so there isn’t any conflict, USB drive adopts 0:0:0 but still refuses to work.

I’ve used it on my external USB .
I will look up a few things & get back with an edit.

My external uses 6:0:0 .
The command line I use is :
h2cdimage.exe 6:0:0 filename -i (for the initial rip)
Then h2cdimage.exe (SCSI#of drive) filename without the -i for subsequent rips with other drives of the same CD or DVD.
I had previously determined this a couple of ways
I have an old program named UDFT probably not available.

The other is IsoPuzzle . It is a front end GUI for h2cdimage .
It works most of the time . What it will do or does for me is show the
SCSI addresses .
One thing you need to do for IsoPuzzle is copy the wnaspi32.dll from
h2cdimage into the IsoPuzzle folder. If you use a different wnaspi32.dll it may not work.

@ Dogway , I had only used either software to recover DVDs.
I tested it on a CD to verify the external drive would rip the CD to an .iso
with h2cdimage . It did rip an .iso but I couldn’t open the file when I mounted it in VirtualCloneDrive.
ImgBurn wouldn’t burn the .iso either.
Have you tested a rip from an Audio CD done by h2cdimage ?
If you have what did you mount it in ?

I use ImgBurn to know my addresses. I remember having been enabled to use h2cdimage with USB devices in the past IIRC.

I know isopuzzle, but I have always found h2cdimage more reliable. I can test but IsoPuzzle would eventually crash/freeze without notifying, etc. That in the case it detects my USB drives…

I have 4 internal (but connected as external with a USB adapter) DVD drives, I tested with 2 of them and didn’t work, I can test 2 more, but as you could figure, this starts to be a problem with something on Windows rather than with my drives. And the funny thing is my windows’es (I have dual boot) are both newly installed and updated with last hotfixes, drivers, etc

@ Dogway . ImgBurn shows my external DVD which is in an enclosure & is an IDE
DVD drive as 0.0.0. but that is not correct. Even though ImgBurn can read from it & burn to it.
To use h2cdimage I have to use 6.0.0 as I posted above.
That is what IsoPuzzle also reports.
I’ve had IsoPuzzle work well most of the time but you are correct it does fail sometimes.
If I try it on an Audio CD I get an error message.
I can let it go ahead but all I ever get is a red bar & no results.

Back to my question have you had success ripping an Audio CD with h2cdimage
that the .iso was mountable or burnable ?
If so what software did you mount it with ?
ImgBurn wouldn’t burn the h2cdimage .iso of an Audio CD for me . Does it burn them for you ?

I am restoring data CD’s, but wait a few minutes for me to check IsoPuzzle and the SCSI address it reports.

I have used h2cdimage & IsoPuzzle most for damaged commercial DVDs with AnyDVD running. They work well most of the time for this.
I’m sure I have a data CD full of .mp3s that I could do a test rip on.
Here the command window of that rip:

wowowow, so so great!! I could retrieve the TRUE address from IsoPuzzle, it wasn’t 0:0:0, it was really 4:3:0

Thanks a lot

Anyways, my CD’s are very very screwed. In the beginning I could barely load them for ripping, now I would be lucky if the drive even shows a CD is in. It’s my last bet as you would think, before throwing them away.

NeroInfoTool will show the first two digits or it does for me.
I guess the best way to know if it worke is to try & rip a data CD with one of your USB drives.
The disc I used in the image above was recorded in 2007 but isn’t scratched.
That makes the rip much faster.
I’ve had some fun with h2cdimage translating the German.
Not many “How to’s” for it either.

USB connected optical devices don’t really have a SCSI ID - or at least Windows doesn’t provide one. If you’re being shown one that isn’t 0:0:0 then it’s just down to how the interface you’re using (maybe Nero ASPI?) is generating/using them internally.

@ LIGHTNING UK! , I agree with your conclusion on the Nero ASPI .
Every program I’ve used that reports the SCSI ID for a USB DVD drive had the Nero wnaspi32.dll .
h2cdimage requires it to work. If the 0.0.0 SCSI ID is used then it doesn’t work.
The one that the Nero ASPI wants or needs has to be used .
As you can see this can be a lot different depending on the hardware.
Mine is 6.0.0 & Dogway’s is 4:3:0 . That would be difficult to find by just trying & guessing.