H264 AAC audio codec bandwidth limited?

I am testing DVDFab Platinum (currently and I like it in many respects.

The ability to hard code subtitles is great for my Archos and the flexibilty to either do 1 or 2 passes gives me the options of speed or good quality.

However I am testing the H264 Generic mode and find it works very well for the video, but that the bandwidth of the AAC audio track (tested at both 32 and 64KBits) seems severly limited. The upper frequencies seem absent.
I am comparing it with the DivX MP3 conversion (at 96KBits audio) which seems very much better.

I am playing back on Nero Showtime and the Archos 504 which both give identical results.

Is there any technical reasons for this - what is the sampling rate of the AAC?


I am not sure what is your problem ? :frowning:

what your mean is the AAC audio is not good for you ?
you can try to use more high bitrate of AAC to encode the audio.

I have ended up using 128 Kb AAC which gives pretty good quality. I am just suprised that it needs to be that high to acheive good quality.
I understood that the AAC codec is suppose to be fine at 64 or 96 normally.