H22N Problem

hello. a couple of days ago i tried to copy some files from a dvd and i received the folowing error:“The request could not be performed because of an I/o device error”.it worked only if i put the transfer mode pio only.Today i bought a new IDE cable and set it to secondary master and updated the firmware and i get the same error.How can I resolve this?Thank you.

nobody can help me ?:frowning:


Which kind of IDE cable did you buy ? You should use an 80 wire flat cable. The cheap 80 wire round cables usually are worse than 40 wire flat cables.

i use the flat wire cable. i put it on pio mode but the speed is really bad.i dont know how to make it work on udma.:frowning:

Are there any other devices connected to the same cable ? Disconnect them at least for a test,
Do you use the motherboard IDE connector ? You should.
Do you use the stock Microsoft IDE driver ? You should.