H22n Problem?

Hi everyone, I hope I can get an answer here. I recently put together a new new computer. I put 2 GSA H22N Lg burners in it. My old system had a GSA 4160B LG burner in it that I obught years ago. I always thought the 4160 was an older slower model since I bought it so long ago and that my new h22n burners would be much faster. So before even using them I bought another h22n and put it in my old system with my 4160 which was now going to be a backup. here is my problem, my older 4160 is buring my dvd-r’s at 8x and I can not get any one of my 3 h22n burners to burn past 4x. My h22n’s on my new system are on 1.1 and the h22n on my old system is on 1.2 and my old 4160 is on A306. I am using Memorex 16x DVD-R.

Should my h22n’s not be completely out performing my 4160? When I try to burn 4G of files in Nero (both computers) I only have the option to burn at 4x with all 3 of my h22n’s and I get the option of 8x on my 4160. makes no sense to me. Cheers!


What media Code does the Memorex have? Maybe it is RitekF1?

Im not sure, where do i find that. They are all the same dvds im tryin got use.

Download Nero CD-DVD Speed (or find it in the Nero Toolkit).

Pop in one of those Memorexes, and go to the “Disc Info” tab. You’ll see the MID (also known as media code)…something like RITEK F1 or something as mentioned.

It’s highly likely that if you’re only offered 4x as a burn speed, that the new drives’ firmwares don’t support the mediacode, and therefore are burning the discs with a default (often 2.4x or 4x) burn strategy.

Added to that, Memorex is sub-par media and LG drives like to be fed good stuff. :wink:

thx guys, looks like that was the problem. Media related. I put on of these dvds in and it maxed out at 4x and I put in a benq and it went to 16x. Cheers!