H22N or H42N?

Ok, so I’ve made up my mind to buy a new LG writer. 4163 is in the office machine now.

Which one do you guys recommend? I’d go with the H42N, if only for the Renesas chipset. Media would be Verbatim 8X/16X, Moser Baer 8X/16X and Sony.

I’d say GSA-H22N, I have it myself, a truly great and relatively mature drive, highly recommended.

I actually prefer Panasonic chipsets, and this drive really shines at the highest burning speeds, especially with Verbatim media (MCC004, including MBI made media). Really good with DL media as well.

Remember that LG has not released a firmware update for the H42N yet, so AFAIK, there is no riplock patch available for this drive yet.

^Oh, cheers for the reply, packetloss.
How about older 8X media? I’ll do a fair bit of burning on 8X MBI and Verbs as well. Is the h22 good for these discs?

And I don’t worry too much about the riplock… my 1640 is quite good at 16X rips.

I’d say all of the newer LG drives are ‘tuned’ for high speed burning, both DVD and CD, that’s what they can do best (probably unmatched, especially with quality media). At lower speeds, the ZCLV strategy usually takes too long, especially if you compare it to (P-)CAV burners like your BenQ 1640. Burn quality should still be fine, but at lower speeds, there are better alternatives.

I have a BenQ 1650 myself, and use it for lower speed DVD burns. The LG H22N is like a very reliable, very fast workhorse, good for burning tons of discs in a short period of time, with truly great quality (with the right media).

If the 8x Verbatim can be written with 12x (P-CAV), its ok. But at 8x the Z-CLV strategy is slower than H42N its Z-CLV.

But if you just have still only a few 8x Media, you could choose the H22N, and then buy 16x media.

How big is the difference between 8x P-CAV and 8x Z-CLV?

There is also a difference in 8x Z-CLV. H12N and i think H42N too uses a 6x-8x Z-CLV strategy. But H22N uses only a 4x-8x Z-CLV strategy, which is about 1.x minutes slower (about 9 minutes).

I think difference between 6x-8x Z-CLV and 8x P-CAV are just seconds.

EDIT: I saw a screenshot of a Sony DRU-710A with 8x P-CAV, and it took 8:20. Maybe because of longer lead-in/out time. But thats 30 seconds more than the H12N took.

12x is by far the best choice in terms of quality imo.

My experience with the H22N has been top notch, however there’s a couple problems with certain media that needs a firmware update, which seems to take far too long.

For example Prodisc R05 burns at even 18x with the newest firmware on my Liteon 20A1H, and 16x on both my Benq 1650 and Samsung 182M. The H22N with it’s latest firmware has absolutely no write strategy for this media (which has been around a while) and defaults to 4x. At least the newer H42N supports this media and burns at up to 16x.

Some lesser known media such as AML002 and UME01 burn very poorly on the H22N, which seems at least somewhat improved with the H42N.

These characteristics aside, I see no reason to avoid the H22N. But I believe the H42N to be superior, if not for it’s greater media compatibility, but for it’s faster 8x (and possibly other speeds), (which it does 6-8x Z-CLV instead of 4-8x Z-CLV).