H22N cannot detect any disk in the drive

I bought the 22N in January and it had been working properly until yesterday. After I put a a disk (Data CD, Music CD, Movie DVD, DVD+RW etc.) in, the green light was flashing for some time but then nothing happened. It could not detect any disk in the drive. Windows Device Manager is able to recognize the DVD writer and it reports the status as “working properly”. However, Windows keeps saying “Please insert a disk” when I click the DVD drive in Windows Explorer. I could ask LG to send me a replacement unit as it is still under warranty. Could anyone confirm that the unit is really defective or the configuration in Windows is corrupted?

I can only guess that is defective and you should return it.

Boot up in SAFE MODE and try.

Hello alee and welcome to the forum,

Apart from what the others have suggested, you might also want to try changing the IDE cable with a new one. IDE cables are generally cheap so you cannot really expect them to be made with the best quality control in the world.

Also, that IDE cable is shared between two devices, disconnect the other device so that your H22N is the only device on the cable. Sometimes, some devices just don’t want to work with other devices.

There is a simple test you can do which would eliminate the operating system and mainboard as a possible cause of the problem. Disconnect the IDE cable from the H22N so that only the power cable is connected. Power up the computer and put a disc in the drive. The LED should flash at a rate of about 1 flash per second until the disc is recognised. This takes approximately 15 seconds in my H22N with fw 1.02.
If the problem still persists, you almost certainly have a faulty drive.

Check the +5v and +12v voltage readings in the BIOS setup just in case the problem is caused by a faulty PSU. This is fairly unlikely.