H22L vs. H42L?

I picked up a H42L from best buy a couple weeks back and ended up having to take it back in because it wouldn’t burn DVD+R DL. I assumed that I had a dead drive or something.

Anyway, I had my uncle take it back in and instead of replacing the H42L they gave him an H22L. I’m not really worried about the cost difference, I’m just trying to figure out if I should just keep the H22L or try to go back and get the H42L.

The main things I’ll be burning is data videos to Verbatim DVD+R DL. So whatever booktyping issues these drives have need to be included as well.

Any thoughts on this?

The H42L is definitely newer and maybe better.

You should go back and demand a 42L as a replacement for the defective drive you returned.

This is really stupid and annoying.

I just got off the phone with the customer service at the BestBuy store and she tells me that they don’t have any more H42L’s in stock. And the only thing I can do is exchange the one I have for another brand of dvd burner and pay the difference or hunt around to other BestBuy stores in the area and see if they happen to have a H42L in stock.

What’s really annoying is that the reason I decided to buy from BestBuy is to avoid all this BS. I would have simply bought my drive online from some place like Newegg, but it’s always such a hassle to spend weeks upon weeks mailing things back and forth when you have to exchange something. If you buy it at a store front you just walk back in and exchange it.

But I’ve been reading more and more complaints specifically about the LG’s purchased from BestBuy. Apparently BestBuy has a history of obtaining faulty burners from companies because of a schedule that they need to have met. And from what I’ve been reading the quality of the LG’s from BestBuy is in serious question.

So now I don’t really know what to do. I’m leaning towards just dropping the H22L back off at CrapBuy and getting my money back and ordering a H42N (which is what I wanted to begin with because I NEVER use Lightscribe) from Newegg. Of course, if the H42N from Newegg ends up being faulty it’ll be another bunch of weeks with me having to repackage and mail it back and waiting for them to mail me an exchange. Ugh, I’m also thinking of calling up the BestBuy corporate office and bitching them out as well.

What do you guys think?

Return the drive and get your money back from Best Buy. You could always buy a lg h42n from computergeeks.com or buy a Pioneer 112 from Best Buy. :wink:

I bought a lg h42l and returned the first one and got a replacement from Best Buy. I ended up selling the replacement drive since I didn’t particularly like the burns although it was a big improvement from the first one.

I’m going to have to blame the package handlers. Speaking from experience, Best Buy’s warehouses throw the product around A LOT, and that’s probably why so many of their burners are messed up. I bought my H42L there. I don’t have any problems with it, but then again, I made sure that I picked it off the truck myself and set it aside.

Ya, for whatever reason their service and products turn out to be so bad they seem to be pretty consistant about it based on word of mouth and the net. I’ve decided I’m not going to deal with them any more. I’ll get a refund and buy a burner online.

My only question now is…Should I go ahead and order a H42N now or wait for the H55N?