H22L in external enlosure questions



Hi, :slight_smile:
I’m using a GSA-H22L in an external enclosure (usb) with my laptop. It takes 5:20 minutes to create a disc using nero cd-speed, & it takes about 5:55 to 6:00 minutes to burn a full dvd image using imgburn.

The burn curve goes smoothly until about 3.5gb-3.8gb, & after that it gets kinda erratic (speed goes up & down). The transfer rate test also slows down a bit close to the end. I was looking at the scans people posted for the H22N, & the curve goes smooth all the way to 18X.

Does this mean that the quality of the data written in the end is not good? Is it because of the enclosure? I use MCC004 media. I’m attaching pictures, can someone pls analyze them? —Thx for the help.


The read/write speed to your drive can be limited by the enclosure, by the USB (or FireWire) controller in your PC or it can be limited by how the drive, enclosure and controller interact with each other.

The Transfer Rate Test and Write Speed graph show that you cannot achieve 16x with this combination.

When you try to write faster than the drive can handle, the Buffer Under-run Prevention feature in the drive will stop and start recording frequently. Some drives handle this quite well while others produce much poorer quality burns (lots of PIF spikes) when this happens. I’m not familiar enough with your drive to know how it works in this respect.

If I were you, I would limit myself to 12x burning with this setup.