H21N extremely slow burn

I’ve been using Maxell -R’s since I’ve had this new Dell pc, and no problems at all. Have a new pack from Sam’s and the burn time is about an hour, slowed to stop, errors. Two service shops checked it out and burned discs fine. GEt it home and it won’t burn. Did burn a Memorex +R but it took an hour with no errors. Might this be something other than a disc problem since it was working beautifully before??? Thank you.

Again, post your firmware and the different media ID.


At first, please check the DMA settings of your drives. Easiest way should be Nero Info Tool.
Then: Please describe the way, you were burning your disc. Are you writing the data straight away from your HDD to disc or is there some conversion (like AVI to DVD video) involved? I ask this, as the lowest speed of recent LG drives is 4x. If there were a media issue, then plain burn time would be approx. 15 minutes.


Where will you get the firmware for the GSA-H21N?


It was the DMA issue. D/l the wnhlp file and it reset back to DMA from PIO. Appreciate all your feedback and help. Now I can also find my firmware… Didn’t even know I had cdspeed on Nero until yesterday. Wouldn’t have known without having a problem and getting help and answers here. Thanks a bunch.