H20l writing at 4x max

Hey guys, ive just got a H20l dvd writer,

Now ive made some dvd movies, theyve all come out fine, but i was wondering why they were taking a while,

I ran Nero infotool and saw that it states the write speed at only 4x.

I have DMA enabled on all drives, have upgraded the firmware to 1.01 and tried a number of media (SKC, sony, unbranded media) which have stated they are 8x/16x compatabile.

This dvd writer is my master with my liteon cdrw 4012s being the slave on the secondary ide cable.

I have attatched the nero infotool txt file for you guys to hopefully analyse and let me know what is wrong

Please help me fix why i only can write dvd-/+r’s at 4x max


can you post the media id, you can use dvdinfo for this, is the drive running in ultra DMA?

i think you ran InfoTool with the DVD-R in it.
what happens when you run it with the drive empty?