H20L questions

I have a H20L drive an it seems to work fine.
But it couldn’t recognize a TDK -R DVD.
This dvd was written with ASUS-DRW1608P2S 1.39 and it could been read by ASUS with no problems. LG doesn’t like ASUS written dvds ?
Also I wrote a Traxdata +DL, RitekD01, with my ASUS and H20L recognize it very very hard. I think is more than 1:30 min in recognision time for this DL. I scanned it and seems that H20L doesn’t like to much how it was writtenI scanned this DL dvd on 4167B and the redaing curve was just excellent.

Is that a reason to say that Renesas LG’s are better than Panasonic ones?

Could my drive be a faulty one?

My system is workinhg well and H20L is in UDMA2 even if I put a 80 pins cable. I thought is a UDMA4 drive as 4166B seems to be.

On the german site:http://de.lge.com/prodmodeldetail.do?actType=search&page=1&modelCategoryId=040204&categoryId=040204&parentId=0402&modelCodeDisplay=GSA-H20L&model=NOTHING#

they say my drive can write CD-Rs at 4x,8x etc …but my drive show me anly 16x, 24x ,…
Also DVD-R TDK TTH02 have only 4x,8x and !!!? 12X speed. And it’s rated as 16x TDK. My ASUS could write it at 16X

Sorry for my bad english.