H20L fw1.01 coastering MCC004

Hi all.

I bought this 25 pc spindle of Verbatim 16x DVD+R (MCC004, CMC PAPA).

However, my H20L churns out coasters when burning the media at 16x or 12x. I’ve already wasted 2 discs.

When doing a Transfer Rate Test in my H20L, the scan cannot be completed. The error is something like “Illegal Track <blah blah>” towards the end of the disc.

any idea what’s wrong? The H20L burns YudenT002 and SONY16D1 fine at 8x.

My Liteon is fine with MCC004 at 16x.

here is an attached scan of a coaster burned at 16x. I didn’t bother waiting till the end, for obvious reasons :Z