H12N Problem to writing dvd in 16x!Help!


I bought a h12n dvd writer and i´m used nero 7.7 for burning my dvd´s and i´m have problem to write dvd+r Sony D21 in 16x or 12x, in the middle of operation the buffer bar down to 0% and recharge and the nero stop the writing, because the error: Focus error/tracking, i´m not used other program, only nero 7 and i´m use winxp sp2 pro, and my system is:

1Gb ddr2
320gb Hd Sata
And H12N w/UL02 working in UDMA-4

I´m lose two media and in 8x the writer work 100% perfect.

Please help me!!!

Thanks for all!!!
And sorry for my english.


Try Verbatim branded media… Works fine for me in my H12N and H22N drives.

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Make sure your drive is connected on the blue IDE connector on motherboard (near floppy connector).

When copying don’t copy “on the fly” to start with. Maybe you should try another burning proggy like cdburnerxp (freeware).

Note, the black IDE connector on bottom of mobo is JMicron, not good for optical drives.

Thanks for help, the drive is connected in Blue IDE connector, but the problem continues. I don´t understand the “on the fly” how to do without this? In my recordings the all archives is in my HD, and i´m not copy, i´m backup archives in 16x or 12x and not work.

I test in Windows Vista Ultimate x86 and the writing finished but the dvd not read after writing in 16x, the burn is done in six minutes writing an image from HD, and the win show corrupted disc.

thanks again.

(i only try in sony media because i´m not have others now)