H12, h22 or maybe h42?

Hey good people, need some advice. Since my NEC 4550 crossflashed to 4551A refuses to work with DVD-R(W)'s, I’ve decided to get a LG burner. Now, I can get my hands on either one of above mentioned, and I’ll get a 2 year warranty (witch is great!), but I don’t know wich one is the best. So, please advice

The H42 is horrible when burning cd’s above 16x, but great when it come to dvd’s, no idea about the 22 or the 12.

I have just ordered a H42NBRL - mainly for the 12x DVD-RAM.

I am not worried about CD burning, as I use my Plextor Premium for that.

Looking to buy either a H22N or a H42L, the price for them will be the same. I’m not interested in LightScribe and I’m don’t own any DVD-Ram, so the speed difference doesn’t matter.
What I’m looking for is a burner that will work great burning YUDEN000 T03 dvds. Is there any reason to pick one of the two over the other?

This is my first burn of T03 on my LG H42N.

Burned at 18x. Burn Time = 5.21 mins.

I don’t have any T03, but the GSA-H22N works very well with T02, G02 and G03.

Good burn quality.
Silent operation.
Seems well made compared to other low-cost drives.

Poor media support. Burns Philips +R 16X (InfoMedia) at 4X.
No quality scanning.

Thanks for your answers, I’m leaning towards the H22N :slight_smile:

Is the H22N (or the H10 or H42L) a good reader of scratched/damaged media ?

Also, do LG make any SATA DVD Writer’s ?

This T03 burn is surprisingly bad… which batch was it? TH001330?

The recent LGs are usually good readers.
LG does have some SATA burners, H30N for example.