H10N review @ YSS


Crazy high jitter levels there. Playback might be an issue, but MacClipper from HWZone says he didn’t encounter any problems. Check out the 12X -RAM writes, Ian @ CDRLabs also has a few samples. Damn fast!

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Thanks for the pointer. :clap: I like quite a few others will be watching this one. :iagree:

I noticed a few things :

  1. The drive is an OEM Hitachi GSA-H10N, not an LG GSA-H10N. Before anyone gets starterd, yes, I know HLDS stands for Hitachi LG Data Storage. However, sometimes Hitachi releases its own versions of LG drives and they are not always the same. Take the case of Buffalo’s GSA-4167B (OEM Hitachi) which has different firmware supporting UDMA4 and auto-bitsetting. Different factory as well, YSS’s drive is made in Malaysia, whereas most LG writers are made in their factory in China. This is the same thing as with Buffalo’s 4167B. Usually these Hitachi drives only appear in Japan.

So the normal LG GSA-H10Ns we get in the rest of the world may be slightly different.

  1. The drive cannot seem to read DVD+R discs??! See the transfer rate test section.

^Thanks for the tip in point 1). Point 2 -> Hehe… yeah. Noticed that. Has to be either a typo or a faulty drive.