H10N media



Ok I have tried 2 different types of media and all of them give me artifacts or locks up when I am playing my back up copies of movies.

The disks i have tried are

Sony dvd-r 8x
memorex dvd-r 16x

I have been using dvd shrink and dvd decrypter to copy and burn the movies.

So my question goes out to you guys and wonder what media you are having good results with.

I found these on sale at my local future shop


Will they work good with my drive?


ran dvd identifier on the memorex and shows they are RITEKF1.

Tried to run cd-dvd speed to check the the burn quality and that start button is grayed out. what is going on.


Ritek isn’t good quality dvd media. Use Verbatim dvd media. Instead of using DVD Decrypter to burn use ImgBurn.


It’s possible that you are simply over-compressing your movie.

But if you want to ensure better quality burns, simply lower your burn speed.


Thanks guys so will this media below be better?

Also i have been burning at 4x so speed should not be a problem

Here is a screen shot of the quality scan

Same media burnt with my pioneer

so media problem forsure


The H10N drive can’t do quality scanning.


Nothing is for sure. Neither of the scans you posted is all that unusual. Again, you may be over-compressing the movie. Or, you may have uncovered an underlying issue that your DVD player has with recordable media.


Scan at 4x instead of MAX.

Slower does not always mean better. In theory, slow CAV burning reduces jitter, but in practice this is not always the case. Most drives are nowadays optimized for fast 8x and 16x burning. :slight_smile:


Movie is not even compressed. open dvd shrink and most of my movies fit on disks with out compression.

If I scan at 4x burn quality score of around 87

Going to get the media i posted above. it is forsure better then what I have now. Knock on wood I get better results.

Only Question I have now is.
What is better for movies dvd-r or dvd+r or does it even matter.

Also since you own the same drive what speed to you write movies at? and also what media do you use.

Thank you.